Monday, 3 February 2020

Best Flooring For Pets and Children

Our floors comes into contact with several distinct components, particularly in the event that you run from a busy household! Pets and kids not only take our energy and time, but also increase the wear and tear of all our flooring. Bearing this in mind, we are going to research what the top floors are for those folks who have small paws and toes running around.


Since there'll be plenty of paw and foot traffic, something which's likely to stand up to heavy usage without revealing wear is most likely the most crucial variable - the very last thing you need is to be spending your savings on a floor in order for it then look tired!

As a first rule, we'd stay away from carpet because it can discolour and go flat if it encounters a great deal of traffic. The most durable flooring includes: hardwood floors , Luxury Vinyl Tiles and laminate. All of these options will provide incredible durability, often lasting for several years if looked after properly.


We fully understand that when you've got a busy household to run, something that's not difficult to maintain is quite significant. Laminate and LVT are the easiest to keep clean, with minimal maintenance required to keep them looking clean. Concerning equipment, both of these require only warm soapy water and a sweeping brush or vacuum.

Although real wood presents us with beauty and fashion, they do generally require more attention than other choices. You have to be cautious with what mop you utilize though, don't use a steam cleaner as this can cause the wood to swell through the years.

One more factor to consider is if your flooring will cope with spillages and potential scratches. As we're certain you're aware, the probability of spillages resulting in stains is quite common with little kids - alike, pet's claws are extremely prone to scratch. Wood flooring is also prone to water damage if it comes in contact with liquid spillages which if aren't cleared up quickly, may also stain and eventually become scratched easily if not properly shielded. Even though this isn't perfect, wood can be sanded down lots of times to eliminate any damage. Consequently, if you're prepared for a little more upkeep spread across numerous years, then hardwood floors is completely fine.

However, if you're looking for a floor which isn't going to cause you any stress or worry, then we'd opt for LVT. It's completely water, scratch and stain evidence -- there's no better choice! Laminate is another worthy contender - however it's only resistant to all these, so keep this in mind while you're making your decision.

So, don't worry if you've got pets and children, as discussed there is many alternatives available which are suitable. Whether you are prepared for a little bit of additional maintenance or need something completely carefree, here at Floor Sanding Forest Hill we've got something that'll accommodate everyone's needs!